Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Encounter

Edinburgh International Conference Centre
10 August

The forest comes in thick;
the light goes quickly
and the trees are suddenly
too close, their breath
hot on your face,
your throat dry and the river
out of sight.
It is a nightmare
that you cannot wake
or flee from; teeth, smoke,
screaming, flames in your head
and words that were not uttered
but you hear them plainly.
This is reality. Weak.
Despairing. Half-dead. Dreaming.
Wake. And take the long walk back
to the beginning.

Simon McBurney in The Encounter, by Complicite

The Encounter runs at the Edinburgh International Festival until 23 August

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Against Captain's Orders

National Maritime Museum
9 August

Here's to adventure!
A crew, strong and brave,
and a room full of treasures
recalled from the waves.
And here's to loyalty,
friends fine and true,
who will never desert us
whatever they do.
And lastly to stories,
the old and the new,
the ones we have heard
and the ones we'll live through.

Against Captain's Orders by Punchdrunk Enrichment 
and the National Maritime Museum runs until 31 August

The Motherf**ker with the Hat

National Theatre
3 August

in bed,
a bullet hole,
a hat.
on the table
and a web of lies;
a fight,
a baseball bat.

The Motherf**ker with the Hat runs 
at the National Theatre until 20 August

Friday, 17 July 2015

An Oak Tree

National Theatre
15 July

Here, a bend in the road
where our lives change
forever. Here an oak tree stands,
our little girl, our love,
head full of music,
dancing fingers,
feet that kiss the ground.
Her heart is cold
but she will live forever,
young green leaves and acorns,
all the colours of the sky at dusk.

An Oak Tree, by Tim Crouch. Performed by the playwright himself and a different second actor at each performance. 

I saw the show at the National Theatre, performed by Tim Crouch and Samuel West.

An Oak Tree will also run at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, 9 - 16 August 2015

Monday, 13 July 2015

The King of Tiny Things

Udderbelly Festival, London
12 July

Better than fairies
these strange-legged creatures
that dance in the moonlight
and juggle with magic.

The King of Tiny Things, by Metta Theatre

The King of Tiny Things is on national tour until 1 November 2015

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Romeo + Juliet

Rose Theatre, Kingston
10 March

Like spots of light
they dance together,
moving close
for the inevitable kiss.
They are but children
brought to flower suddenly,
alike in beauty,
all too soon extinct.

Joseph Drake as Romeo and Audrey Brisson as Juliet
Photography Tristram Kenton

Romeo + Juliet runs at the Rose Theatre, Kingston until 21 March

Monday, 9 March 2015

Man and Superman

17 February
National Theatre

Woman of wealth
and willpower:
a bastion of morals
and a sledgehammer
of sleek manipulation.

He would rather run
than face those wedding bells,
pick up his heels,
head for the hills
and drive like the devil.

Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma
    Photo by Johan Persson

Man and Superman runs at the National Theatre until 17 May