Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Comedy of Errors

10 April
Théâtre de Marseilles, La Criée

In Ephasus confusion reigns
high as a house,
dinner and ducets fly, and men
with better reputations rage
to get their hands upon
a rope, a ring, a golden chain
to hang about the neck
of some broad amazon;
whilst in the streets, gaudy
and bright, their women rush
to light over a pair of brothers,
pretty enough, lost once at sea
and now, it seems, the same
in face, fate, dress and name.

The Comedy of Errors by Propeller is on tour until 29 June

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Big Meal

Ustinov Studio
5 April

Long enough, this life,
racing from love and sex
to all the things
she never thought
would come after:
grandchildren, grief,
age creeping up on her,
a girl waiting at tables
long ago, and the boy
who smiled,
bought her a drink,
began it all.

The Big Meal ran at the Ustinov Studio, 6 March - 5 April

Friday, 21 March 2014

Rift Zone

New Diorama Theatre
18 March

We meet in a void,
a mythic place
where two plates meet.

Born of an egg, I was
unwound into the cold
and left out in the street

to be discovered. You,
across the ocean, grew up
in a land of mountains;

you were bound to be

Rift Zone by Night Light Theatre runs at New Diorama until 5 April

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


National Theatre
9 March

Here he is, a voice
on thin black tape,
a quiet web of long lost love,
all but forgotten but
for this delicate link of sound
between the story
and the present moment.

Daniel Kitson performs Analog.Ue at the National Theatre until 20 March

Saturday, 1 March 2014

I Do

Hilton London Docklands Riverside
28 February

Between the rumpled sheets
and rose petals, the running

in and out with messages
and revelations,

all the secrets, sex, 
hairdryers, hats, beginnings 

and endings, it is hard to say
who is the happiest, if any. 

Photo by Neil Buchan-Grant

I Do by Dante or Die runs at the Hilton London Docklands Riverside 
until 9 March. Presented by the Almeida Theatre

Friday, 28 February 2014

The Mistress Contract

Royal Court
26 February

There is a glass house
in the desert where
they carve their own
contract of coupling,
and the terms
of compensation;
sit there in the dark,
drink wine, make love,
safe in the strictures
of their love evasion.

Saskia Reeves in The Mistress Contract
Photo by Manuel Harlan

The Mistress Contract runs at the Royal Court until 22 March

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester
24 February 

Here are time’s whippet fingers
running on, lifting the boy
who lies beneath the bowing oak tree
casting rhymes;
he barely breathes
before she has him by the ankles,
twirling his stockings,
barely a breath or rosebud kiss
upon his lover’s cheek,
a rush of ice beneath his feet
as he sweeps down the frozen river
to the sea, before
the last few seconds of the century
usher him on, a woman now,
learning the artfulness
of her own body
and the tricks that time may yet
have up her sleeve,
tugging her bodice, pulling her up
and on, into a circle, spinning,
lamp-lit, and the stark realisation
of the present moment.

Orlando, played by Suranne Jones

Orlando runs at the Manchester Royal Exchange until 22 March