Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stop Press - publication announcement!

Happy National Poetry Day! 

I'm thrilled to announce that the first Haiku Review publication is on its way. 'Theatreland', a collection of poems inspired by theatre, will be published by Indigo Dreams in 2015.

Watch this space - more information coming soon!

Sophie x

Monday, 29 September 2014

Great Britain

Theatre Royal Haymarket 
26 September

She's a page one whip,
making the headlines,
going out teeth and tits
for the perfect pitch.

She knows the game,
laying down lies and sex
to break a story
and some hapless neck.

Great Britain is playing at the Theatre Royal Haymarket 
until 10 January 2015

As You Like It

Southwark Playhouse
25 September 

Where first the snow fell
now there flutters spring,
bursting in flower and song,
falling in floods of green;

a flurry of lovers sigh
beneath the trees,
barely aware that they
are not all as they seem.

Samuel Townsend, Sally Scott and Kaisa Hammarlund
Photography © Robert Workman 

As You Like It runs at the Southwark Playhouse until 18 October


Phoenix Theatre
6 September

There are boys like this,
silent and strong,
better in song than speech,

better in love than grief,
lugging their hearts along
with them like rocks

and wishing they were light.
Wishing for gentle words
and easy flight

to carry them away
above the sea, but scared
they'll fall onto the rocks beneath.

Once is playing at the Phoenix Theatre 
Currently booking until 4 July 2015

Monday, 18 August 2014

Made in Dagenham

Usually Haiku Review is just about shows I have seen, but I'm excited enough about this one to let you know about it in advance. Made in Dagenham thrilled me as a film, and I can't wait to see it onstage - as a musical - directed by Rupert Goold.

Here's a taster. Watch out for the feminist mining strike poem in due course.

Made in Dagenham opens on 5 November at the Adelphi Theatre.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Hampstead Theatre
12 July

Down pit you're dark as death
and hot as hell, sweltering, swearing
in relentless pitch,
up to your waist in water,
rubble, grit, coal in your eyes
and lungs, coal in your shit.
You hold the picket line
against all odds, fighting for what
you know to be man’s right;
brought to your knees for scraps
you rage and weep, as all 
you ever worked for slips from sight.

Wonderland runs at Hampstead Theatre until 26 July

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Kindness of Strangers

Southwark Playhouse
4 July

2 am, the roads are quiet now
but for the drunks
in yellow moons of light
on corners,
and a tawny coated fox,
light-pawed on the pavement,
padding home.
We cruise the slick black roads,
headlights on windows,
waiting. Tea, chat, radio.
Waiting in silence
for the bells, blue lights
and speeding, stretchers, doorbells
and a woman scared, a child
crying on the stairs,
clutching the dog,
afraid to look
at breath, blood, sick. We know.
Hold hands, lift him into the van
and drive him back through thin,
fine-falling rain.
Dawn on the river.
Back to the hospital. Out again.


The Kindness of Strangers by Curious Directive 
runs at the Southwark Playhouse until 16 July