Sunday, 8 November 2015

Theatreland - readings and revels

I'm really thrilled that Theatreland is now in print! The collection was launched with lots of clinking glasses, fancy cakes, and six wonderful actors who brought the poems vividly to life.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make it happen, came to the party, read a poem, bought a copy (or is going to..!)

You can listen to the readings here. They are:

Fiona Drummond reading ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ (Southwark Playhouse, July 2014) and ‘Brilliant’ (Young Vic, July 2013)
Tom Clegg reading ‘Shakespeare in Love’ (Noel Coward Theatre, July 2014) and ‘The Low Road’ (Royal Court, May 2013)
Rebecca Tanwen reading ‘Orlando’ (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester) and The Master and Margarita (The Barbican Centre, January 2013)
Rosie Holt reading ‘Hymn’ (Duchess Theatre, May 2013) and ‘Wolf Hall & Bring Up the Bodies’ (Aldwych Theatre, May 2014)
Ursula Mohan reading ‘Lear’ (Union Theatre, June 2014) and ‘Father Christmas’ (Lyric Hammersmith, December 2012)
Dominic Gerrard reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ (Charles Dickens Museum, December 2012) and ‘Richard III’ (Shakespeare’s Globe, July 2012) 

Theatreland is published by Indigo Dreams Press and is available here.

Naturally you want to know what the cakes looked like too..

Friday, 6 November 2015

Jane Eyre

26 October
National Theatre

She is not poor
as they would have her be,
plain as a pikestaff,
green as the woods in spring.
She has a heart, beating
and bold beneath her petticoats,
and a voice of her own
though you would not
expect to hear it sing.
She is a woman lost
upon a rocky sea, friendless
and cut from what she had
of family, but though
she may flounder
she won't give in,
her hope burns bright
in spite of everything.

Jane Eyre runs at the National Theatre until 10 January 2016

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Hurricane Boy

Polka Theatre
11 October 

There was a boy,
and within him, a storm
that made him scared
to sleep. He ran to the sound
of raindrops on the roof
and rivulets of water
on the walls.

He lived alone until
one day a girl, a butterfly,
a glimmering of hope ran
through the door, like a moment
of quiet on a busy day,
insects in the meadow,
sunlight shining on a forest floor.

Hurricane Boy is on tour until 1 November 2015

Farinelli and the King

Duke of York's Theatre
3 October

If you asked me I'd go
without a glance,
give up this life of cloves
and oranges laced in a crowd
at dusk, the scent of roses
crushed, perfume
to the world's applause.
I'd stay forever
in this hide of trees,
a songbird singing
to the stars alone.
With the world as my witness,
my voice, your loveliness.

Farinelli and the King runs at the Duke of York's Theatre until 5 December

Saturday, 12 September 2015


Trafalgar Studios
11 September

by Pedro Miguel Rozo
translated by Simon Scardifeld

She put her savings
into earth, and now she fears
what is buried there.

by Bola Agbaje

The cocoa farmer
who does not know what they make
those bitter beans into.

Bread on the Table
by Lydia Adetunji

He bought a loaf, too small
to feed them all, but all 
he could afford.

Photo: ©Richard Davenport 2015

The Protectors
by Clare Bayley

These are potatoes
growing wild, all but forgotten,
fabled, forbidden.

Try Me
by Poppy Burton-Morgan
and Dominic Gerrard

He would scuttle
if he could
across your tongue,
the smooth-talking

Photo: ©Richard Davenport 2015

16 Pounds
by Neil LaBute

Water welling, spilling,
sliding down her gullet,
icy in her gaze.

by Inua Ellams

A woman, once a wife 
and mother, now alone;
stoical by her stove.

Mouthful, by Metta Theatre, is a collection 
of six short plays and a musical, responding 
to the global food crisis.

Mouthful runs at Trafalgar Studios until 3 October

Monday, 7 September 2015


Exciting news! Theatreland, a collection of some of the best Haiku Review poems, is now at the printers!
It's available for pre-order from Indigo Dreams and Amazon




The cover image is a beautiful shot of Orlando at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester (photo credit: Jonathan Keenan Photography). It was so hard choosing just one of the shows featured in the book to go on the cover - I love them all! - but this one I think really conjures up something of the magic of theatre. 

One of the loveliest parts of preparing the collection was receiving some amazing testimonials. Here are a few that I particularly treasure...

Having joyfully followed #HaikuReview on Twitter I am delighted to read these thoughtful, witty and incisive poems in a volume. In this unique meeting of poetry and theatre, Sophie Reynolds has brought her brilliant skill and talent to offer intelligent and passionate insights into some of our most thrilling recent theatre productions. 
Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director, Royal Court Theatre
Sophie Reynolds captures something of the fleeting experience of watching theatre - crystalizing character or capturing an atmosphere with evocative economy. These poems are miniature celebrations of the magic and mystery of that ephemeral art form ... impressionistic gems that serve as happy reminders of – or introductions to – some of the best plays to grace British stages in recent years. 
Holly Williams, Arts journalist 

This fresh, evocative collection of poems by Sophie Reynolds is a must-buy for every theatre lover, actor and director. It reveals to the reader the plays from the outside looking in, as well as the theatre from the inside looking out.
Lucinda Hawksley, Author

Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Encounter

Edinburgh International Conference Centre
10 August

The forest comes in thick;
the light goes quickly
and the trees are suddenly
too close, their breath
hot on your face,
your throat dry and the river
out of sight.
It is a nightmare
that you cannot wake
or flee from; teeth, smoke,
screaming, flames in your head
and words that were not uttered
but you hear them plainly.
This is reality. Weak.
Despairing. Half-dead. Dreaming.
Wake. And take the long walk back
to the beginning.

Simon McBurney in The Encounter, by Complicite

The Encounter runs at the Edinburgh International Festival until 23 August