Thursday, 22 May 2014


V&A Tunnel Theatre
15 May

Dormice are a comfort 
you know, and who can say
that soldiers do not dream
of them and think of stories
they heard long ago,
as the war goes on, 
bombs fall, and loving sons 
turn into telegrams

Monday, 19 May 2014

Wolf Hall & Bring Up the Bodies

Aldwych Theatre
17 May

Katherine: face of an angel,
niece of an emperor,
hard as nails. She will not bend
like a sapling, though
she is dragged of her queenship
and left out to die like a dog.

Anne, dancing in yellow
on her grave: a virgin bride,
eye like a hawk, a mouth full of serpents.
Maybe a step too far, maybe a bed
or guilty door that leads her at last
to the headsman.

Jane, a dormouse creeping
into conversation: quiet, sweet,
with skin and will like thick, rich cream,
and on her cheek a blush
that is like nothing more than a pink rose,
thorns carefully plucked.
Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies run 
at the Aldwych Theatre until 6 September 2014

King Charles III

Almeida Theatre
16 May

Trouble at Whitehall
as a wilful king
steps in to stop
the well oiled wheels
of the state.

Trouble at home
as he exerts his right,
pissing off people,
and Kate.

King Charles III runs at the Almeida until 31 May

Friday, 9 May 2014


Gate Theatre, Notting Hill
5 May

Slow as forever,
this white knuckle ride
of war wavers
above a stone grey desert:
like a god's eye
in a far off sky,
picking its prey
in stone cold distance.

Grounded runs until 30 May